Fairy Rowan/Mountain Ash in Delphi Valley

Why this I wonder…..?

For years I have allowed myself to be shy and not promote that which I do and share in Yoga. Best though to step this silly self out of the way and suggest how easy it is to be absolutely healthy in Attitude and Perspective and from there to realise health in Spirit, Mind and Body. Tapping into the tremendous intelligence that is available to us is so powerful yet so simple. And the outcome of this is so wonderful. It is to be “INJOY” regardless of circumstance or appearance. It is that which the masters through time have invited us unto. It is the natural state and nothing can be done to create it. Through reminding, we simply remember to rest as it. It is “THat I Am” the ancient teachings resound. They remain more fresh and new than any contemporary philosophy.
And So It is :-) INJOY XXX Ken

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