Summer Solstice Full Moon Retreat…

Can you wonder to yourself???
Have you ever deeply realised how it feels to live from a truly relaxed space of being: Have you ever wondered as to whether this is possible for you? Through very simple yet deeply profound ways we will be resting in this space at our “Summer Solstice, Full Moon Freetox Retreat”

Yoga Jiji step n Relax

On “Freetox” retreat the simple tools are:

1. Truly healthful and easeful movement and exercise; Yoga, Deeply Effective Breathing and Tai Chi.

2. Encouraging the choice to consume healthful, wholesome, delicious and organic food and drinks in modest portions.

3. “Restful Awareness”. This non-practice refers to discovering that true nature of being that is simply aware, perceptually open and actionless. Our most subtle and peaceful essence and presence we are simply reminded of through hearing the ancient Freedom teachings, realising it is “That I Am”
Yoga Savasana image

4. Lots of reason to have fun and to be INJOY, early til late, in-house n out.

5. Deepest Rest is encouraged in allowing everything to be, discovering our true nature, all transcendant. There is no need to understand this simply accept the invitation back to Oneself. To be open to one’Self is the only suggestion.

This Summers’ Solstice, Full Moon Retreat will take place at the .

Dates: Friday 17th to Tuesday 21st

Full Retreat @ 595 Euro (80 Euro discount for early booking confirmation- before April 12)

Weekend only Retreat (FRi 17:00-Sun 17:00 ) @ 345 Euro

Booking forms and details from [email protected]

A sample activity and rest itenerary will look something like this:

Daily Schedule
7am Chanting/Relaxation/ Tea Ceremony…
7:40 Med’ic’itation
8am Yoga-Energetic practice
8:30 Yoga cont’d-Hatha Steady Practice
10am Juicy Breakfast
10:50am Rest
12.30 5 Tibetans; Yoga for life
1pm Lively Liquid Lunch-
2pm Restful Awareness, Long Walk or Personal time
4:30 Afternoon Fruit snack.
5;15 Tai Chi or Natural Walk
6:20 Yoga Restorative; Relaxing practice
8pm Dinner-Delight from Boghill cookbook
A light healthy meal (Wheat free, dairy free, sugar free and caffeine free-if you wish)
10pm Evening Entertainment: Spirit Circle with contemporary meditations,relaxation and/or chanting with Songs before sleep. Another option would be an exciting night out neath the moon or in the pub-shade ;-)…

Yoga Cockrel Relax...

Even the cockrel invites us unto relaxation …

If you would like to read more into the “Freetox Formula, please visit the page titled this same site.

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