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Bright Wild Cottage Retreats, Connemara…

Relax Retreats
For the Joy of it…

, Bright Wild Cottage Retreat 2018 dates;

January 5th, Fri to Sun. January 19 Fri to Sun.

From 180€ pps. Welcome

Kenneth has now opened up his wonderful home to share.
“ Bright Wild Cottage” is situated in the furthest reaches of the mountainous wilderness of Connemara, west of Ireland. He will be holding regular retreats there and is delighted to welcome you to share in his life, in what for him is such an astoundingly beautiful, mystical and natural part of the world.

We could call it a Yoga retreat, although why create expectations and limit it by doing so. Yes, Yoga Beyond Yoga, many have said, offers more or something distinctly different to the traditional or typical Yoga practices being taught. Each morning at a reasonable hour, we will enjoy an extended Yoga practice. The nature of this practice will be according to your needs and readiness to enjoy the openness that is Yoga. Classes at the cottage will be small ( up to 4 Yogis at a time ) so your individual needs can be addressed .

There may or may not be an evening Yoga session. It will depend on the activities of the day. There are so many Wonderfilled places to be here and Joyous things to do. To rush and hurry them along so as to be back in time to -only then- relax with Yoga is madness of the highest order, I would suggest;-) How’s about remaining relaxed and at ease all the time. I watch the animals that I spend much time with(the cat, 3 dogs, many donkeys, ponies,sheep and cows ) and in watching I see that they do not do anything in particular to relax. It is simply the nature of their being and so “I Am” they tell me; they do;-). And so was the profound reality that the energy of wild nature brought to my Awareness in the dry jungle of west India 21 years back and so it remains.

Days by the cottage are spent enjoying a relaxed ramble along the rocky shore or wandering the bog/moorland immediately behind the cottage. It is only a short drive away to where we trek the mountains of Connemara and walk the glorious shoreline of pristine soft sandy beaches. After this, evenings by the fire in “The Den” bring welcome warmth, comfort, rest and relaxation. So deeply soothing it is, one can spend hours there oblivious to worldly cares mesmerised by the leap of the flames, soothed by the scent of the turf.

We could call it a “Detox” Retreat but again, why limit it? The nourishment you will receive will be naturally light and very cleansing in nature. Early morning tea ceremonies will have a deep and energetic effect; stimulating the body’s natural elimination faculties, your mid-morning Juice breakfast enhancing this. Afternoon nutrition will be provided by fiercely healthy smoothies and/or salads at the cottage or out and about. Evenings the meals will be more in the line of fresh healthy soups (cooked or raw), delicious vegetarian curries or stews-often exotic; Thai, Indian, Turkish- Delightful 

I do warrant caution if one tends to focus alot upon or become overly concerned about detoxing or removing some part of ourselves or our life experience . The notion that there is something wrong with “me” and the world around “me” is both a self-fulfilling prophesy and is also self-perpetuating. Rather than focusing on changing who we are or what we have become, at “Bright Wild Cottage”, we enjoy a much more peaceful, Free stance. In line with all of the epitimy (Beyond ) teachings of Tao, Zen and Yoga Vedanta; the emphasis remains upon realising the Natural State of Aware Presence that is the essence of our and All Being. Do you wish to awaken to the Truth that there is no effort whatsoever required in realising this contented, peaceful state of Aware Presence? Do you???

A day spent on retreat at “Little Wild Cottage” may look similar to this:

7am Tea Ceremony(including Medicatation*/ chanting possibly)
8am Yoga and Relaxation
9am Short Walk while Ken prepares breakfast
10am Juice
Rest and relax at cottage or nearby/ Silent Rest, possibly or Trek 
12noon Harvesting fresh seaweed from ocean (pending tides)
1pm Smoothie or Salad
1:30 Shoreline trek to “Watcher’s House”
4pm Smoothie or Salad
5pm Relaxation with Yoga, “Spirit Circle” and/or “Medicatation”
7:30 Evening meal
8:30 Seaweed Foot Baths with Foot Massage.
Late Evening, we melt by the fire…
*Note “Medicitation” is somewhat like Meditation, yet without having to suffer uncomfortable body positions, attitudes of seriousness, internal battles, pious aspirations or long faces

An alternative day would begin as above. Soon after morning juice we would pack our juice bottle/lunch box and head away for the day on a blissful trip to the mountains or wild beaches of Connemara. We will be back for dinner and yes inevitably, we will melt by the fire 

Retreats Friday afternoon through Sunday, although shorter or longer stays can also be arranged.

The price for the all retreats vary depending on accommodation (twin share, 180€ p.p.s… Double share, 180€p.p.s.Private room 220€). Private group bookings can also be facilitated, tailor made and at a reduced rate. All price and booking details on request.

Email [email protected] 😊 Ken

9 thoughts on “Bright Wild Cottage Retreats, Connemara…”

    1. Hay mate that all looks so awesome, you’re a very busy bee. Have you got any dates with Jason this year or are you taking the bull by the horns and going it alone if so wishing you all the luck in the world. The Conarmara mountains is where you belong, Turkey n Portugal are grand but Ireland is home. Xxxx Love light n hugs Irene. Xxxx

      1. Hi Irene, Nice to hear from you. Ya I Am gonna do lots with Jason in the second half of the year. Its Good to be home now though… I hope to see you here soon :-) Love Love XXX Ken

    2. Hi Ken,
      I had the pleasure of your company in Portugal, I wonder could you please give me some dates and prices for June and some route details of how to get to you.
      Kindest regards

      1. Hi Charlotte, It is lovely to hear from you.Yes there will be June retreats at the cottage weekends of June 3 and 10 with the Solstice weekend at http://www.Boghill.com weekend of June 17.I will send you booking details via email attachment.Thank You. INJOY XXX Ken

  1. i’ve left a comment elsewhere but maybe more appropriate (?) here . Brian and I would love to come spend a time ‘relaxing’ with you and Injoying the atmosphere :)



    Penny & Brian

    1. Dear Penny, I Am delighted to hear from you and I would be absolutely overINJOY to to share life and this wonderfilled home with you and Brian… Love Love XXXXXXXXXXX Ken

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