Below you will find reams of general recommendations regarding music, books and other miscellaneous information that may be of use to you. There is possibly far too much information here for it all to be of interest to you but you can filter through it and it may to be a Good reference for you…
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me 
Love XXX Kenneth
• Music and Chants
• An Awesome playlist which I Love to practice Yoga to is music, all of which is by Craig Preuss: Sacred Chants of Mother Divine-Trk1, Sacred Chants of Shiva-trk 1 + 2, Sacred Chants of Shakti-trk 1,Sacred Chants of Buddha-Trk 1.
• Sacred Chants of Mother Divine also by Craig Pruess is a tremendous work of Yoga chanting/music-the second track, Lalitha Ashtotaram; “Namastasyeh, Namastasyeh, Namastasyeh, Namo,Namaha” ( I call it the 21) is deeply relaxing, the third track “108 names of Mother Divine”-Awesome indeed.

• The Gayatri Mantra is the one I chant very often. It is considered to be the’Mother of the Mantras’. It is widely available although Deva Premal has recorded the most wonderful arrangements of it. Its lyrics are (phonetically)
• “Om buur bhuva swaha, Tatsavitur varaeneeyam, Vargo devasya dee mahee, Dyo yo nah prachodyat.”
A peaceful rendition of it is by Deva Premal on her cd “More than Music”, a more funky variation on her cd Mantra Lounge.
• Another Nicherin Buddhist mantra I recommend is daimoku; “Nam myoho renge kyo”. It can be accessed by contacting They sell a range of books pertaining to this “Lotus Sutra”.
• WE performed our Moon Salutations to “Moolamantra” by Deva Premal from her cd “Mantra Lounge”

• “More than Music” by Deva Premal includes a lovely chanting booklet.The energetic Hari Om,Siva Om( nice accompaniment to dynamic/Astanga Yoga sessions) and“Gayatri” mantra- as mentioned above- are on this wonderful cd. Other recommended chanting cds by Deva Premal are Embrace (lively Ranga Day and healing Teyata Om Bekanzay) and Love is Space (All tracks).All available from

• Deva Premal and her squeeze Mitten are also the creators of the 21 day mantra chanting introduction. It was shared as a live webinar twice during 2013 although the 21 meditations are available together as a download from Its comes at a price of $55 yet is priceless as an introduction to mantra chanting 

• More beautiful chants are available from His cd 11 has the beautiful Suniai which is a wonderful Heart opening chant. His cd Mirror of the Soul has the lively interactive chant Hari Govinde( 11 minute chant ).

• Jack Harrison’s “The Enchanted island” gives a gloriously Celtic slant on the Yoga Sanscrit chants, including many of the Epitemy Chants. It is available from

• A Hundred Thousand Angels is by Lucinda Drayton/ This is a very special cd. It will bring out much Strength and Beauty in You(the Angel 😉

• The Lover and the Beloved by Donna De Lory; tracks 3 He Ma Durga,Jay Jay Ma and 6 Samba Sadashiva are moving.Much of the cd is quite funky…

• The cd Grace by Kundalini Yogini, Snatam Kaur has the wonderful Heart resonating chant Ong Namo,Guru Dev Namo . Sing and chant this often enough and Love will be yours

Reading Recommendations

• The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran is a most profound and amazing book of wonderful insights and spiritual interpretations ;I often quote and recite from this.

• For a more rebellious impression of Spirituality investigate the writings of Osho; I would recommend “Gold Nuggets” and “Meditation, the first and Last freedom”. Zen Tarot cards are by Osho from the Recommended Meditations by Osho are Dynamic, Kundalini and Nadabrahma- a Tibetan Full Moon Meditation and many other contemporary practices. You might even consider taking a trip to his ashram in Pune,west India 

• Diana Cooper has a range of books relating to our Cosmic Reality, including “Light on the Spiritual laws”. Diana is also the author of 2012 ; some might consider it obsolete now, although loads of interesting ideas there, there are 

• Siddartha by Herman Hesse is an easy read; a spiritual classic!

• Anastasia by Vladimir Megre is a very interesting tale about a chance meeting with a cosmically aware young woman, living wild in the Taiga forest of Siberia. If staying close to the earth and growing food from her is your thing this book will share many wonderful and bizarre ideas with you. Bizarre, Bizarre ideas

• Food as Medicine by Todd Caldecott is a brilliant book about all aspects of ‘the theory and practice of food’. Although coming from an Ayurvedic/Yogic perspective this is a brilliant well researched book on many aspects of food preparation,consumption and the detoxification from. He uncovers many of the myths about what appear to be modern healthy approaches to veganism,raw foodism, vegetarianism, etc. His leaning is towards Ayurveda. You might be intrigued by the approach he presents.

• Dear God, what’s happening to us is again a most bizarre cosmic book. If you believe in the presence of dark forces, or if you at times feel somewhat possessed by dark forces you might find this to be a very interesting/useful read. She does recommend a ritual that clears such energies. It is a very zany read. I am not suggesting it as Truth although I could not help but be curious.

• Peace for Life by Sandy Newbigging of the Mind Detox Method encompasses an excellent, interesting and practical approach to realizing Truth.

• The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle is a classic of contemporary Spirituality. His book Stilness Speaks is maybe more aesthetic, A New Earth possibly his most exciting book. Beware of mistakingly trying to think your way into realizing what he suggests as Truth.

• Cutting straight to Absolute teachings in terms of Truth, I Am That by Nissargadatta Maharaj pertains to the Absolute and Truth in a most profound manner. Pointers by Ramesh S Balsekar includes commentary on dialogues with the master. Do not expect to understand either of the above books. To be exposed to their subtle wisdom is enough. They are subtle and brilliant reminders to trust that Truth is what is. “It is what it is, you might say”…

• “All of man’s(woman’s) difficulties arise from the inability to sit alone in a quiet room without distraction”. I Am not sure about the source of this quote. It may have been the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas. It is a wonderful line. Despite all of the above reading suggestions; to spend less time reading and more time just sitting, allowing whatever needs to arise do so. Patiently observe it as it dissolves…………… Just Sitting.

• Another bizarre approach – if you Love a particular teacher- is to put their book under your pillow when you sleep. You may then become infused with that Love and the authors energy in return, without having your mind polluted with their ideas suggestions or techniques, all of which ultimately lead to confusion. You already are and consist of everything that is required. Simply come home or rather realize that you are at home in an Absolute sense.

• Miscellaneous information

• The 5 Tibetans, the fountain of youth practice you may have enjoyed. Certainly it is one well worth continuing as a morning practice. Here is a link that may be helpful as a technical reference :

• If you are reasonably adept in the practice of lively and energetic Yoga would like to develop a morning Astanga practice , you can access a great dvd by the grandmaster of this practice. He is Sharath Rangaswami (the grandson of the original master Pattabi Jois). Sharath’s dvd is available from . Sharath will slow down the pace for you. The introduction I have given you is not very traditional in the sense that we have used music to practice along with. I Love to time Astanga practice along to “Hari Om, Siva Om” by Deva Premal (DJ Cheb I Sabbah remix), album “More than Music”

• If you would like to be given a very practical down to earth approach to spirituality I would highly recommend that you google talks by Fr. Tony De Mello s.j. His book Awareness is an absolute gem and is dressed in practical yet such profound wisdom. Take a look at some of his talks on Youtube(“On Waking Up”,”Prayer” and “Love” I do thoroughly enjoy listening to or watching Tony. Tony died back in 1986. We are so blessed by technology that his talks are immediately available to us on the net. He was/is a very witty guy but that wit does not necessarily translate the same when in the written word

• shares a teaching which is the ancient epitimy Tibetan Dzogchen- the Yoga/practice of Rest. It is phrased in contemporary language which you may well find totally nonsensical and bewildering. Strangely this is the point of the Epitimy/Beyond Teachings. Other forms of such teachings are Taoist, Zen and Yoga Advaita Vedanta. A word of warning; they will twist,convolute and bend your logical mind (‘wreck your head’); that is the goal- I highly recommend them 😉

• Mooji is available to you at and on youtube  He has not yet “left the body” and resides much of the time at Monte Sahaja, southern Portugal. As a brilliant teacher he will take you beyond mind-bending. If it feels like you have been chasing your tail for days,even decades and you intend to continue chasing your tail, this teaching you will most likely find very challenging/ undermining maybe. If though you are honestly in search of deep, profound and absolute Peace, then look no further  Check out this talk (I have just learnt how to paste a link from the net )

• Bentinho Massaro is a very young man sharing very direct and profound teachings. Again he has many youtube talks available. His work is pretty out there. Many will find it challenging. See for yourself :

• It is well worth having your Yoga mat. I would recommend purchasing a mat made from natural materials, although natural materials need replacing often- assuming you practice. My choice of Yoga mat is the Manduka Black mat.- which is not made of natural materials. It is the “Rolls Royce” of mats and comes with a 10yr or lifetime guarantee. It is expensive yet top of the range. It is ideal for home use ( it is maybe a bit heavy for carrying to Yoga classes???-up to you) It is supplied by Nicky the proprietor of this business became inspired to create it while on a Juice retreat. Her website has a whole range of mats and Yoga props. I can highly recommend Nicky and her wee company

• Above all remember the thought of filling in the blank “I Am______________”, as you wish. In time or even immediately could it be that your Intelligence that is beyond you will do this for you; are you bewildered????? Great

• Pdf files with pics of suggested Ken’s Yoga sequences, the “Moon –Cool Down- Set” and the 5 Tibetans may have come along with this email. If not I can forward that or any other information you wish for. Ken’s personal Tai Chi dvd + Yoga Nidra “Resting in the Twilight Zone” cds are also available to buy. If I can be of assistance at all email me at [email protected]
Good Luck,God Bless…
Love, Love…

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