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Juicing; Learn how to juice for weight loss and health

Juicing for health

Discover the benefits of learning how to juice for weight loss and health in a few simple steps.

Beginning your day with a cup of hot lemon juice is a tremendously cleansing practice. You may have heard that being a citrus fruit, lemon juice must be acidic in nature, yet surprisingly despite this, drinking lemon juice has an alkaline effect within the body.

It is widely known that the root of many illnesses is seated in the over acidic environment often created within the fibres and cells of body. The modern day diet and ¬†heightened stress levels have alot to answer for in this . This unhealthy internal environment caused by acidity is often accentuated by conventional exercise. Paradoxically through jogging and gyming, etc many may believe that they are improving their health yet when such activity greatly increases the acidity of the body it is not conducive to health, wellbeing or longevity. Herein your early morning lemon juice will be of great benefit, particularly if for you it replaces coffee. Light exercise such as walking or more ideally swimming early morning will have very beneficial effects on your energy levels and “internal fire”

This brings us to our mid morning, what we might call our late breakfast juice. Some say it is best to avoid fruit juice if you would like to enjoy the greatest benefits from juicing. A general rule when juicing is to eat fruit and drink vegetables. Certainly if you combine vegetables and fruit well it can be of tremendous benefit to you. Listen to what the master- Juicemaster suggestshttp:
Natural green juice from green leafy vegetables is possibly as alkaline a type of juice as you could drink. Where possible vegetables and green leaves in particular should be organic for juicing purposes

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