Freetox Formula… practical and philosophical

Freetox Formula

On Freetox retreat the simple tools are:

1. Truly healthful and easeful movement and exercise; Yoga, Deeply Effective Breathing and Tai Chi.
2. Encouraging the choice to consume healthful, wholesome, delicious and organic food and drinks in modest portions. You will be well satiated.
3. “Restful Awareness”. This non-practice refers to discovering that true nature of being that is simply aware, perceptually open and actionless. Our most subtle and peaceful essence and presence we are simply reminded of through hearing the ancient Freedom teachings, realising it is “That I Am”
4. Lots of opportunity to have fun and to be INJOY, early til late.
5. Deepest Rest is encouraged in allowing everything to be, discovering our true nature, all transcendant. There is no need to understand this simply accept the invitation back to Oneself.

Daily Schedule (possibly like this)
7am Chanting/Relaxation/ Tea Ceremony…
7:40 Meditation
8am Yoga-Energetic practice
8:30 Yoga cont’d-Hatha Steady Practice
10am Juicy Breakfast
10:30am Rest
12.30 5 Tibetans; Yoga for Life…
1pm Lively Liquid Lunch-
2pm Restful Awareness, Long Walk or Personal time
4:30 Afternoon Fruit snacks.
5;15 Tai Chi or Walk
6:20 Yoga Restorative; Relaxing practice
8pm Dinner-Delight from Boghill cookbook
A light healthy meal (Wheat free, dairy free, sugar free and caffeine free-if you wish)
10pm Evening Entertainment: Spirit Circle with contemporary meditations,relaxation and/or chanting with Songs before sleep. Another option would be an exciting night out neath the moon or in the pub-shade ;-)…

A deeper philosophical look if you wish:

“To do without desire for the fruits of the action”

This, in effect, is how the Yogis define Karma Yoga to be. Yes it makes no logical sense whatsoever yet within this is expressed all of the epitimy teachings of the many masters through time. Their teachings time and time again have suggested that to ‘ stop seeking’ is fundamental to realising that blissful true nature of Self.
Yet this is not what we learn in a world of apparent Good and Evil, Success and Failure. We learn to strive and to, through will, drive ourselves and that we deem to be ours forward in life. A restful state of being is difficult to realise in lives where we must get ahead, lest we fall behind. Is it any wonder that exhaustion in its many facades overwhelms so many of us (in the western world in particular).

To quote a more modern day master : “ For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! “ This is Isaac Newton’s third law of motion. Yoga perceives the world of form in exactly this way. The Karmic realm appears as a restless swirling tide of cause and effect, constant action and reaction. There is no effort that can free us from that. It may seem logical that by doing enough Good deeds they are bound to cancel out the Bad deeds yet this is not so. An expression of this would be the diet mentality of “Being Good”. How long can one keep on being “Good” before, maybe in a moment of weakness, being “Bad” arises and possibly or likely takes over. Are you familiar with such a scenario?

The modern day practice of “detoxing” is often just so. For this to be, to begin with it presupposes that a toxic state is present. This in itself is a very toxic perspective. Does not a detox pre-empt its subsequent balancing retox and so the restless cycle continues and this whirlwind for many will spiral erattically out of control on its rollercoaster ride.

The “Freetox Formula” rather, embodies the most direct and ancient teachings of Rest, Peace and being Relaxed and at Ease. It perceives everything as it is rather than projecting how it should be. Rather than identifying with the constant flux of how things appear, there is a turning, neither inward nor out, to realise that unmanifest presence which animates all that is. Its suggestion is that it is possible to tune into and live as the highest possible intelligence that is available to us. It is the very intelligence that skilfully creates, sustains and reconstitutes all that is; expressed as the very cycle of nature itself. Its whisperings create a sound that equates with silence. In going beyond the logical, endless, noisy demands and screaming instability of mind there is discovered a space of stillness. The “Freetox Formula” restfully invites us unto this reality of stillness.
There it is, Absolute INJOY to rest !

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