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Our Living Beyond Yoga practice is lead by Yogi Ken

Namaste, hello and welcome.
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You can email [email protected] Thank you. Sincerely INJOY xxx Ken

Ken Ryan is from Galway town in the west of Ireland. In recent years has spent most of his time abroad; he has travelled extensively. It was during one of his extended trips, during the long warm winter of his first trip to India in 1994 that Ken spent much of his time living alone in the tropical forest, at Peace with nature. He has since been inspired to regularly return to the mystical sub-continent and further east for lengthy periods of study and practice at traditional and contemporary schools of Yoga and Meditation.

In class Ken interprets these teachings in a form more appropriate to the western mind and lifestyle without compromising the essence of Truth that is Yoga. His style of teaching is often lively, balanced with gentleness of approach.

In terms of teaching style; Ken is less likely to be very critical of your physical practice or have the intention to coerce you into a perfect posture, rather encourage and inspire you to go beyond yourself by restfully and with ease opening out into where the body is ready to be..

Practical Tantric awareness has been one of the strongest influences along with a deep Love for the more subtle aspects of Hatha Yoga Vedanta philosophy. Ken has always placed great emphasis on restful Awareness and he Loves to share the many Epitemy Yoga teachings which are simple realisations of the natural state of being.

Whether holding  steady, even strong  postures or if you wish and are ready to “jump along” to a more energetic practice,  you can expect to discover great Openness and Energy with ease… Anticipate also the Bliss of being cradled  into a deep relaxed  Awareness of Being. Ken’s teacher Mooji expresses it well in his message :

Kenneth will be leading at home at the Bright Wild Cottage on the shores of Connemara mountains in the west of Ireland. He also regularly spends extended periods leading retreats abroad ( mostly on the Med. For a full listing of Ken’s retreat opportunities see our retreat pages:

I hope to see you soon

9 thoughts on “Living Beyond Yoga…”

  1. Hi Kenny
    It is Karol I would like to thank you for inspiration and very nice lessons ofyoga in Juicy . Please send me your number so we can stay in touch.
    My number is + 377 640 620 990

    1. Hi Karol,
      It has been a Joy to have spent time with you. Wonderful also to observe your independence and Self determination. May this always walk with you and serve you and all those around you.

      INJOY all you do


      Ps. Not forgetting your Awesome serve on the volleyball court

  2. Hi Kenny
    We met in August 2016 at Juicy Mountain.
    Loved the yoga sessions and continued practicing at home as well as sticking to the low HI diet.
    Great to hear you have a yoga retreat in Ireland, I would love to try it in the summer 2017. Please send me any details.

    1. Hi Kevin. I Am just receiving your msg now. If you wish for a preview of the cottage I Am doing live Yoga sessions hete on fb each weekday. Live at 7am, available all day. You are welcome here anytime. XXX Ken

  3. Hi Ken
    Enjoyed your retreat in Delphi last Spring immensely…. and all the chats ….. sheep raddle springs to mind
    Are you hosting one soon?
    With best wishes

    1. Hi Martina, Good to hear from you. As it happens, yes I Am hosting a retreat at Delphi on Jan 26 weekend and likely one at home at Bright Wild Cottage on Jan 19 weekend. Let me know if you wish to join in… Sincerely XXX Ken

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